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eFORMA® Visions

«Together we achieve»

To strengthen the leadership position of the eFORMA® Network Members in their key competence of seamless integration of paper, print and electronic technologies and to assist them in developing products and services that add value to their customers.

To optimally use the combined experience and resources within the global network of all eFORMA® Members to provide know-how in quantity and quality which no individual firm can achieve alone.

To capitalize on relations with international technology providers, vendors and customers and to convert this permanent feed-back and know-how into advanced communication solutions and value adding products and services

To strengthen the global eFORMA® Network by exploiting the combined experience and resources of the group to the benefit of each individual eFORMA® Network Member

To strive constantly for better ways of meeting the challenges of rapidly changing business environments and customer needs

To help increase the knowledge and professionalism of the eFORMA® Network Members in all aspects of their business

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