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eFORMA® Service Strategies

«Add strength to strength»

To provide access to a wide range of products and communication solutions, thus making the eFORMA® Network Members strategic business partners and preferred sources for value-seeking customers.

To research and analyze new technologies, new markets, new demands and to transform them into new products and new services.

To provide access to a computer aided database and thus keep partners updated on new technologies, new developments, patents, major industry events, best practices and operations, quality improvements, cost saving measures, successful applications, materials, products & services, new equipment and supply sources.

To coordinate "inter-group selling" of specialty products.

To offer a hotline for emergency supplies and problem-solving support.

To benchmark "best-in-the-industry" methods and technologies.

To take commercial advantage of the group's substantial buying power.

To organize training programms and educational seminars on new industry trends and to exploit new customer focused product & service business opportunities in existing and emerging markets.

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