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How to join us

To enhance the sustainability and to widen the geographical platform of the network, eFORMA® is prepared to accept new members of this Network

Companies with a major portion of their business being in the business areas mentioned before are eligible to apply to the eFORMA® Board of Directors for membership of the eFORMA® Network.

It is possible to apply for membership irrespective of whether or not there is a current eFORMA® Member already representing the country in which they operate.

The eFORMA® Board of Directors will assess the membership application. The decision whether or not the applying company will be proposed to the present members for the purpose of a vote for acceptance as a member of the eFORMA® Network, will be based on whether the applying company is likely to add quality to the network.

eFORMA® CIL AG in Liquid.
c/o Heinz Vogel
Luegetenstrasse 20
CH-8406 Winterthur

Tel.: +41 55 412 72 12

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