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eFORMA® History

«Partnership of value adding solutions»

Mr. Rudi Gather, Dr. Delo Lombardi, Dr. Reto Conzett and Mr. Horst Sokoll
Mr. Rudi Gather, Dr. Delo Lombardi, Dr. Reto Conzett and Mr. Horst Sokoll

In 1961 a group of forward-thinking, highly specialized production facilities and service providers of business communication documents founded eFORMA® as a cooperative association, and registered it in 1962 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The eFORMA® objective at this time was to prevent the group from re-inventing the wheel of existing processes, and knowledge sharing of previous trial and error experiences. The group’s combined buying power was also used to perform and manage investment projects, thereby improving ROI.

During this time membership was restricted to one company per country. Today eFORMA® operates as a corporation (AG) primarily responsible for serving the eFORMA® member companies, with a secondary directive to support business partners on normal commercial terms.

The member companies of eFORMA® are all autonomous enterprises cooperating in a global partnership by joining forces for common research, technology sharing and product ventures. All learnings are passed on to our member’s customers through innovative products, advanced document management solutions, electronic as well as conventional printing and optimized services.

The pillars of success and unity within the eFORMA® Network are common business objectives and a well-developed "together-we-are-stronger" spirit – which is practiced from CEO level through to and beyond the supporting management positions.

eFORMA® CIL AG in Liquid.
c/o Heinz Vogel
Luegetenstrasse 20
CH-8406 Winterthur

Tel.: +41 55 412 72 12

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