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Welcome to eFORMA®

eFORMA® is an international network of business communication service providers, supporting the network members to better serve the communication needs of their customers. eFORMA® Member Companies share their market- and technology know how within the network.

eFORMA® network members use the eFORMA® network also as platform for common development projects, exploration of new market segments, colleague help and for intensive collaboration in all common business areas.

The eFORMA® office in Winterthur/Switzerland coordinates the activities within the eFORMA® network by acting for the member companies as a turntable providing all kinds of information especially technology-, product- and market know how.

eFORMA® office in Winterthur/Switzerland supports eFORMA® Member Companies in purchasing of special consumables, in evaluation- and investment projects and organizes for members’ staff education seminars, workshops, study tours, meetings and bench mark analyses.

eFORMA® Mission Statement:
“It is the mission of eFORMA® to be a global network of communication industry leaders  
  who share valuable experience and business information within that network.”

eFORMA® CIL AG in Liquid.
c/o Heinz Vogel
Luegetenstrasse 20
CH-8406 Winterthur

Tel.: +41 55 412 72 12

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